Think Greater Than Yourself.

Think Greater Than Yourself

In 2008, when PRPL HRT began, the philosophy was the same as it is today.  Each one of us has had to overcome challenges throughout our lives.  In the Military, if you are injured in battle, you are awarded a Purple Heart medal for your bravery and dedication.  We at PRPL HRT believe that every person on the planet deserves a personal version of a PRPL HRT medal.

Although PRPL HRT is not directly affiliated with any branch of the Military, our inspiration is driven by Elmer Vallie.  Throughout his life, Garold Vallie (the founder of PRPL HRT), has been led by the great example that his Grandfather, Elmer, laid out.  Elmer Vallie , along with many accomplishments to his credit, was awarded a Purple Heart medal and a Bronze Star, for his courage and duty while driving a tank for General Patton in World War II.

Overcoming adversity is part of life. Big, small, life changing, and seemingly miniscule hurdles arise on a day to day basis.  We all deal with ‘hitchs’ in our giddy up’.  Some may completely change us as a person; some may only change how long it takes for us to get from point A to point B, but each time we are tested, we add one more trophy of experience to that secret award case within.

Throughout history, many of the greatest accomplishments have been achieved when things did not work out as originally planned.  It is our job, when things go haywire, to grow and evolve with the ebb and flow of our short time on this giant blue marble. PRPL HRT started as a skateboard company, morphed into an apparel focus, and developed into a lifestyle that is consistently inspiring those from all walks of life.

The PRPL HRT is a symbol, a badge, a gift to yourself, or anyone that has inspired or influenced you.  A gift to show that you have made it through some dark times and the best is yet to come.  When you throw on a PRPL HRT hat, shirt, or jacket, it is a reminder that you have the resourcefulness to conquer any obstacle in front of you. Skateboarders for example, are constantly pushing their limits through competitions to filming video parts that are enjoyed by all. Apparel and skating go hand in hand by illustrating the individuals tastes or preferences that make up their unique identity. Being able to resonate with audiences looking to better themselves is the sole reason PRPL HRT has found its place in a highly competitive market. Not only is PRPL HRT striving to make an impact in the streetwear market, but to challenge the status quo in terms of our ability to provide a unique message that is relatable on all fronts. It will provide a chance for those looking to align themselves with something much greater than themselves.

Over the years, we have watched as the brand transitioned into a way of life.  The PRPL HRT logo has been tattooed, traveled with our brothers and sisters as they climbed mountains, recorded albums, competed as professionals, washed dishes, cut grass, and the list continues.

Being reminded of successes in our lives is a great tool to help keep our passions and dreams alive.  Knowing that we are unique individuals, with unique experiences, living unique lives, it is easy to think we are the only person who could possibly feel the way we do.  PRPL HRT brings an uncommon opportunity for you to connect with other like-minded individuals.  the common thread is your PRPL HRT.

“PRPL HRT was started based on the belief that everybody deserves a PRPL HRT medal. When I started to show up to skateparks wearing my PRPL HRT T-Shirt, people started to ask about getting their own, or getting a PRPL HRT hoodie or hat. That’s when I realized we need to have a line of skateboarding apparel that supports this belief.”

-Garold Vallie